Local Mission Projects

On any month with a five Tuesdays or Fridays, Faith Church volunteers serve meals to families at the Churches United Meal Site.  Members of the congregation contribute the food items, cook the food in their home or at church, deliver the food to the Salvation Army Meal Site, offer a mealtime prayer, and serve any who have come to receive the meal.  In 2001, we served 8 times and fed a total of nearly 500 people.

Every Tuesday, Faith Church delivers 60 sandwiches to the Miriam House site of the John Lewis Coffee Shop.  The Miriam House is a shelter for homeless men in Davenport.  Church members serve on teams which volunteer for a month at a time to provide the bread and prepare the sandwiches.
Other church members donate money for the bologna, cheese, margarine, and baggies.  In addition, we often deliver turkeys, hams, clothing items, and toiletries that members contribute to the Miriam House.  Since 1991, we have delivered over 34,000 sandwiches.

In the narthex, outside our sanctuary, there is a grocery cart which Faith Church members regularly fill up with canned goods and other non-perishable food items.  When the cart is full, we deliver these items to the Churches United Food Pantry at the Friendly House in Davenport.

Every year we contribute a portion of the interest generated from our Bequest Fund to a number of local organizations.  We distributed 50% of our 2002 Bequest Fund interest to the following community organizations:
Family Resources Domestic Violence Shelter, Valley Shelter Children's Home, Vera French Mental Health Center, Churches United Meal Site, and the Miriam House Sandwich Program.