June 24, 2008

Sabbatical - Lawn Care

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So far, the major theme of my sabbatical seems to be lawn-mowing!

 Because of the floodwaters between us and Pilgrim Heights, I couldn’t get to camp for the first week of my sabbatical.  I went to my parents’ house an hour north of St. Louis instead.  They live on six acres in a country woods.  Because of recent health concerns, (my father has neuropathy that has been acting up), they needed help with lawn-mowing among other jobs.  So I spent a good portion of two days on their riding lawn mower.  (I hit a stump, bent a blade, and had to replace it on a third day.)

This week I have made it to Pilgrim Heights.  Right away, I learned the maintenance worker hasn’t had a day off in a long time.  So I’ve spent a good portion of today on the John Deere tractor, mowing, giving him an afternoon off at least.

Sitting on a tractor connects me with my roots.  I think back a lot to the days before my Grandpa died in a farming accident (1969, I think).  We visited the farm once a week, occasionally helping with chores (walking bean fields and chopping weeds, stacking hay bales, gathering eggs), but usually just to visit.  Visiting is sort of a rural art.  It helps folks slow down.  At least it helped us slow down when we left the hectic pace of the suburbs for Grandma and Grandpa’s farm.

Here at camp, we spend an hour for meals.  It is always hard at first to slow down enough to sit for that long.  It’s hard both for campers and for the leaders.  By the end of the week, when everyone’s exhausted, we look forward to those slower times.

A part of the gift of this sabbatical is the chance to slow down, whether visiting at the dinner table, or riding on a tractor.

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