Pastoral Ponderings – December 2021

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.” ~ John 1:14

WHEW! It has been quite a year! And I would never have guessed that we could top last year. Guess I need to stop saying things like that! No need for the Universe to get any crazy ideas for 2022!

As the preparations for Advent and Christmas begin to rear their heads, and we follow those up with a plunge into another new year, may we find a few quiet moments to take a few deep breaths and look back upon the year. Maybe we can learn something about our world, our community, our family and friends, or maybe even ourselves.

This year, I see how much emotion plays into our lives. Of course we emote—God created us to do that, but have you paid attention to how your are emoting? If we shove our emotions aside, they will manifest themselves within our bodies. When our emotions don’t have a way to come out, they find a way. Physical pain and depression are common effects of not emoting in a healthy manner.

In a recent discussion with one of my many “healers,” we talked about surrender, and how surrendering to the feelings we have in the moment help our minds and bodies work through them, leaving us better equipped to cope with what is happening in our world. By “feeling all the feels,” we allow ourselves to let go of what we need to, and make room for something new.

As a follower of The Way, we believe that God is in the business of making something new, with whatever They want! This Advent/Christmas season, we will be talking about making room for the Holy. What does HOLY mean? How can we let go if we don’t know what we need to let go of? How can we allow the space for God’s new creation within us?

This is a very special year. Not only do we get to talk about these things, we are physically living into them. We get to practice what we preach! First Christian will be moved in by the time you get this letter. Two churches under one roof—talk about having to MAKE ROOM!! But here is the exciting part: while there is an ending to one way of life, we are birthing another! When it came time for Mary to give birth to her baby boy so long ago, the life she knew was ending, and a whole new way of life—one even she couldn’t fathom– was just beginning.

As we move into our new life as Two Churches, One Holy Space, One God, we will have growing pains, and many, many emotions. I pray that we allow ourselves these emotions. Let ourselves feel all the feels, and then make room for whatever new God is preparing us for.

May you cling to the hope only Christ can give; may you find the peace you seek; may you experience the joy that resides deep within; and may you love your neighbors as yourselves. Deep peace and blessings during this season!

~ Always Peace, Pastor Heidi