Rev. Heidi Y. Hulme is our pastor. 

Pastor Heidi came to Faith UCC on December 2, 2012 as our part-time interim pastor.  She served in that capacity through June 30, 2013 and became our settled pastor on July 1, 2013.

She came to us with a rich background in Christian Education.  She was among the first cohorts to graduate from the PATHWAYS program in November of 2015 and was ordained on September 4, 2016.

Pastor Heidi lives in our church parsonage with her husband, David, and son, Karsten. Their son, Jarrod attends Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana.


Office Assistant – Vacant
Organist/Music Coordinator – Susan Senn
Treasurer – Martha Watters
Janitors – Brian and Arlene Barclay

Church Council Members

    • President – Todd Ozmon
    • Vice President/Finance Chair – Vacant
    • Secretary – Jan Hannel
    • Financial Secretary – Pam Edmond
    • Property Committee Chair – Vacant
    • Christian Education Chair – Jill Pepper
    • Spiritual Life Chair – Karleen Noteboom
    • Outreach Chair – Cheryl Leamer

Sunday School Teachers and Leaders

    • Pre-K/K – Jill Pepper
    • 1st-3rd Grades – Jan Hannel
    • 4th-6th Grades – Nancy Jones
    • Adult – Mick Noteboom

Pastor-Parish Relations (PPR) Committee

    • Kay Showens
    • Myrene Burton
    • Karen Risler
Rev. Heidi Y Hulme
Rev. Heidi Y. Hulme
David, Heidi, Jarrod and Karsten Hulme
Karsten, David, Heidi, and Jarrod Hulme